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  • Read: Please be sure to read through my entire site before contact. Make sure that I offer what you have in mind & also that you have checked my location as I do travel occasionally

  • Contact via Booking form or email. I Do Not accept screening via phone/text. Please be as detailed as possible with information I request for faster & easier screening.

  • Screening: I verify the information provided. This process can take up to 24hrs. (Intentionally providing false or inaccurate information, will result in being placed on my personal blacklist)

  • Reply: Once info has been verified & approved. I will contact you by the choice of contact you requested to confirm the appointment 

  • Final Confirmation: If it is a morning appointment I will contact you by prior evening, If afternoon or evening appointment I will contact you by noon the day of. This will include address and phone for contact.

  • Meet: Will will meet on agreed upon date, at agreed upon time and location. (Please follow instructions for donations)

  • Repeat: You contact me again!!



Happiness is a drug & I want to be you dealer

I am available from 10am to 10pm (Monday - Friday). With at least 2hrs notice for same day appointments.

Appointments before noon or after 10pm must be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance.

Screening/Verification is a necessary step to establish my safety & comfort with you. Your privacy & discretion are valued at all times

Cancellation Policy






It is possible to reschedule an appointment with me without a fee

Incall: Minimum 12 Hr notice

Outcall: Minimum 24 Hr notice

Multiple reschedules or cancellations may require payment for cancelled visit, deposit on future visits or being placed on my "do not see list"



If you're going to be more then 5 min late please call/text

5-15 min late will require a $25 additional fee (If I still have time to visit)

  • May also result in a shorter visit or visit being cancelled completely

Significantly late will terminate visit & require cancellation fee. If not paid will be blacklisted

Excessive tardiness will require deposits up front or result in being placed on my "Do not see list"



Cancellations without fee is possible with 24 Hr minimum notice

  •  Less than 24 Hr $150 (regular appointments only); plus travel (Outcall Only) 

  • Short notice appts; If you book an appointment within 24hrs and cancel/reschedule $200 fee

  • NCNS requires full appointment donation

  • If deposit was collected I will retain for fee


  • If a deposit was not collected fee will need to be paid within 24 Hrs

  • If not paid you will be blacklisted!!!!

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