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In a world where the norm is to look at everything in black & white, we tend to overlook anything of another shade. Do not define your world in black & white because there's so much hiding amongst the grays. 

Beneath these social masks we wear everyday, we have a secret shadow side that we try to ignore. Do not ignore the shadows, instead embrace and explore them because some of the most beautiful places are often associated with the most dangerous.

I believe that fetish play is normal and would love to give you a place to let loose and explore, a place where you will never be guilted or shamed for your fantasies. 

I am no "hard core" professional nor will I ever claim to be. I am just like you an explorer. That being said all behavior is acceptable unless it hurts, violates or endangers the other. I do not participate or offer anything that I am uncomfortable with.



  • Fetish play requires mutual respect, pushing or ignoring boundaries is cause for immediate termination of the session without refund. As such I also refuse the right to refuse any session if I am not comfortable.

  • I respect & follow all personal boundaries set by clients & I ask that you do the same

  • There is and should never be any real danger to myself or clients

  • There's no dungeon ~ just my bedroom ~ Like I said "Not Hardcore"


Safe Word & Actions

Safe Words

Red, Yellow, Green


If your mouth is otherwise engaged, tapping will do

  • ATM/Dirty Sanchez ~ 

  • Anal Play ~ Prostate/Strap; Vibrator  - Prostate additional $50 ; Strap additional $100

  • Animal Play ~ "Acting like an animal" (No bestiality); taking commands, imitating sounds, crawling on all fours' collar & leash, treats, petting, eating from bowl

  • Ball busting ~ slapping, hitting, kicking

  • Body worship

  • Bondage (light) ~ safety cuffs, velcro cuffs, silk rope, four corner restraints

  • COB ~ (ex: pearl necklace)

  • Face Sitting

  • Femdom ~ "I dominate you" Light; playful; you're my plaything 

  • Foot Fetish ~ washing, moisturizing, massaging, kissing, licking, foot job ~ "you worship me"

    • (my feet are slender, size 7.5, my skin is tan is smooth & soft. Nails can be natural or painted)

  • Hair removal ~ shave, wax, depilation

    • (You must provide your own supplies, or request that I purchase before appointment at your expense)

  • Hot Dogging

  • Humiliation

    • Verbal ~ belittle, degrade, cruel reference, behavior, body, forced flattery, scolding, insults/abuse

    • Physical ~ Body fluids (spit, vaginal fluids, urine ~ on your body); Sexual denial (hj ~ by me or by you, oral); Impact ~ Strikes  you with, your own body parts, flogging/toys)

  • Pain Play ~ 

    • Light ~ clamping, flicking, hitting, light scratching, pinching, slapping, spanking (No Marks)

    • Heavy ~ caning, flicking, flogging, hitting, kicking, lashing, paddling, punching, trampling, whipping (May leave marks)

  • Rimming ~ No matter how thoroughly I clean there will always be bacteria, obviously poses little to no danger to you unless one has cuts or sores. If you have cuts or sores, I will NOT allow kissing, oral, or rimming for obvious health and safety concerns. After rimming No kissing or oral will be allowed for the remainder of the session.

  • Role Play

    • Secretary/Boss​

    • School girl/Teacher

    • Maid/Boss

    • Nurse/Patient

    • Masseuse/Client

  • Russian

  • Sensation Play ~ (feather, silk, latex, leather)

  • Temperature Play ~ Ice/Wax

  • Tie & Tease

  • Tickle ~ Tied down, blind folded, teased

  • Toys ~ On you or on me

  • Trampling ~ You lie down, I walk on you front or back, barefoot, in flats or with heels

  • Voyerism ~ A third party will watch us or you will watch me and the third party. If you book another provider you are responsible for their rates.

  • Water Sports ~ (Giving Only) ~ Requests must be made before appointment so that I have time to hydrate. 

    • Incall ~ Tub/Shower Only​​

    • Outcall ~ Wherever you like ~ "On your body"

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