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Girlfriend Experience

A girlfriend experience is first and foremost about companionship and trust, which are both a big part of the human experience aka life. 

One of my favorite parts of my experiences are building genuine human connections. I really enjoy getting to know you and forming great and meaningful friendships. Seeing your eyes light up  with my desire to please, I'll always greet you with a smile whether we are enjoying activities inside or out of the bedroom. Inside  we will engage in sensual touches, cuddles, hugs and kisses, with plenty of engaging eye contact and lots of intimate conversation. Outside the bedroom, whether for casual lunch or dinner, or even attending an event. holding hands, quick pecks on the cheek and plenty of smiling. 

Are you interested in the joys of dating? Feeling the closeness of true friendship & genuine connections, enjoying and appreciating all the best parts of a relationship without the commitment or strings that are normally attached. 

Lonely? Looking for company and affection that'll make you feel worthy and appreciated? Or looking to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy? Your romantic side? Intimacy is the magic that turns two people into a single physical entity within their sexual experience, with warmth, passion, and enthusiasm which seems to be missing from casual encounters these days? Intimacy without judgment, pressure of rejection, performance anxiety or the give and take a normal relationship would expect?

Whatever occurs is entirely up to the chemistry between the two of us!! 

~ 90 Min ~ $500 ( Pre-booked (Minimum 24hrs notice) rate w/ 30% deposit sent) ~

This is my suggested minimum appointment for everyone. Gives us time to break the ice if it's our first meeting and time to catch up if we're already friends. It just seems that an hour fly's by to fast. 


The sexiest word in the English language is not "yes" though that is often the goal. The word that takes the crown is "no" making the "yes" worth more. ~ Unknown

Brief Encounters




$400 ~ Hour

$600 ~ 1.5 Hour


$700 ~ 2 Hour

$1,000 ~ 3 Hour 

$1,200 ~ 4 Hour 



So many smiles begin on date night

Dinner Date - 2 Hours ~ $500

Dinner Date - 3 Hours ~ $700

2Dinner Date - 4 Hours

(2 Hours Outside; 2 Hours Inside)


Movie Date - 6 Hours

Meal 1-2 Hrs; Entertainment 2-3Hrs; Fun 2Hrs

(Movie, Play, Musical, Sporting Event)


Overnights & Weekends

When was the last time you did something for the first time
~ John C Maxwell

8Hr Night - $1,600

12Hr Night - $2,400

(Includes breakfast/or dinner & min 6Hrs sleep)

Spend the Day - $3,500

Weekend Escape - $7,500

(Friday - Sunday)

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