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Erotic Chemistry

After lathering each other down, I grabbed the nozzle to rinse her, and reveal her flawless skin. My arms circled around her, I allowed my fingers to trace the water drops as they flowed down her. I barely skimmed crossed her nipple when I felt her shutter, I devilishly chuckled at her goose bumps. She turned to face me & gently pushed me back into the wall of the shower, she started kissing my neck where she knew I liked it most. I had no reservations about returning the favor , so I licked her neck and playfully bit her ear.

This elicited a gasp from her. She pressed against me with just enough force to cause me to slightly open my legs, giving just enough room for her to slide on eof hers in between. It was raining kisses all over my neck and chest. My hands slid down to her waist resting on her soft ass, where I gripped and pulled her in closer to me.

Her hands trailed my breast which were pressed against hers. She squeezed them working her way towards my already erect nipples. She lowered her mouth using her tongue and teeth to give each one their own special attention. She felt my bodies urges & continued on carressing my body with kisses. Sinking lower and lower working her way towards my nexus........

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