Sensual Massage 


The word "sensual" is described as being perceived or enjoyed through senses. The sense of touch is extremely important part of arousal and erotic exploration.

A Sensual Massage is a way to incorporate the sense of touch. A slow and sensors massage.... is one of the most luxurious forms of foreplay there is, with the use of hands and body. I will massage every inch of your body using every part of mine. Starting with some soft touches, using my hands and body, mixed with sensual teasing and kisses.. maintaining close physical contact throughout the entire massage.

Building up to an amazing sensual and relaxing experience.

$250 ~ 60Min  |  $350 ~90Min  | $450 ~ 2 Hrs


GFE Combo  (VIP)

$400 ~ 60Min  |  $500 ~ 90Min |  $600 ~ 2 Hrs

Nuru Body Slide (Limited Touch)


A Nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage. "Nuru" stemming from a Japanese word meaning "slippery", yes I said slippery (wink wink). Although it is not clear just how long this technique has been around, it is quite popular and most definitely a lot of fun. While you relax, I cover both our entire bodies in a natural seaweed gel, using my body to slip and slide all over yours, providing more contact then a traditional massage, using techniques that are meant to harmonize  our bodies in ways that are relaxing and both intimate and arousing at the same time. Nuru massage is definitely meant for those who are open-minded and have no adversity to trying new things. Those who wish to expand their sensual horizons in ways that will leave you feeling more revitalized, invigorated and refreshed bringing out only the highest levels of arousal.

$300 ~ 60Min  |   $400 ~ 90Min  |  $500 ~ 2 Hrs

Ultimate Nuru (GFE Combo)

Nuru massages are intimate by nature and as such I'm sure one cannot help but to experience erotic sensations. So, beyond all of its health benefits listed above, the Ultimate Nuru gives you the opportunity to savor the sensual energy that is created during the massage and explore those sexual urges.

Ultimate (VIP) NURU 

$400 60 Min  |  $600 90 Min  | $800 2 Hrs