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Gifts and tips are not required. However are always very appreciated and never forgotten. 

If you enjoy giving gifts, then I definitely enjoy receiving them. 

Below are some shopping suggestions.....

  • Lingerie 36D or Medium 

  • Flowers ( Lily's & Roses)

  • Perfume: Chanel No 5

  • Designer: Chanel; Louis Vuitton; Christian Louboutin; Prada; Miu Miu by Prada; Jimmy Choo 

  • Athletic Wear: Lululemon 

  • Jewelry

  • Adult Toys

  • Candles 

  • Wine: Moscato

  • Clothing Sizes

  • Tops: MD/LG 

  • Bottoms: Small or 27 

  • Dresses: 6

  • Shoes: 8 

  • Gift Cards: Scooters; Caribou Coffee; Planet Fitness; Amazon; Victoria Secret; Travel: Gas Cards; Uber/ Lyft; Restaurants & Hotels

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