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Behind the scenes

As if time stood still at our quaint little table in the corner. The faint sound of the music in the background with a lone voice singing seraphic note. Bottle of wine half drank in front of us, he leaned down to kiss me, his fingers rhythmically pushing my skirt back, sliding down my thighs and eventually inside me, his thumb circling and pressing. His other hand moving my hair out of my face, holding my head in place while his tongue mirrors the action of the fingers claiming me down below. My legs open a little more to accept his gentle hand. He's got me in the mood and now I want to a add a little spice to the mix, so I slowly slide down and work my way to my knees under the table cloth. I unzip his pants and start to tease his manhood with my tongue. The waitress returns with dessert, but he's already getting a tasty treat.

What I would give to see his face right now..... trying to hold it together while getting pleasured under the table.

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