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Foreplay "Outercourse" - Warm Up

~ Physically and emotionally intimate act between two or more people before sex.

~ Erotic stimulation, gets juices flowing, makes things more exciting

I've always asked, "What's the rush?" When it comes to sex, some people just want to get right to it. Ugh... that's such a turn off. Who doesn't wanna have a little stimulating pre-sex fun?

Maybe, you're just not that into it, but what if your partner is? Or maybe you're just not sure where to start, I've got some ideas;

  1. Lighting

  2. Candles/Lighting

  3. Music

  4. Eye Contact

  5. Get naked together

  6. Touching

  7. Kissing/Nibbling

  8. Lingerie

  9. Making Out

  10. Strip Tease

  11. Role Play

  12. Sensual Massage

  13. Bubble bath/Shower/Get Wet

  14. Watch porn

  15. Oral Sex

  16. Toys

  17. Mutual Masturbation

  18. Sensory Play; blindfold; textures/temperature; Ice/heat (candlewax)

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