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  • charlee smith

Forbidden Taboo

He pressed his tongue deeper and deeper inside of me, swirling it around to whatever melody was playing in his head. My head pressing up against the back window of his "old school" Caddy, while he's playing me like a finely tuned instrument, and if he hits the right note he could make me sing the most triumphant melodies. Pure, powerful and truly heavenly sounds of pleasure as he tasted me with his tongue.

I grabbed his hair and pulled him closer, beguiling him with my fragrant smell and delectable taste. He slid one finger inside of me and flexed it upward, hitting my g-spot, making me moan and the brutal strength of his passion sending sizzling shockwaves of pleasure. Blood humming through my veins, as my legs close tightly around his head. Consumed by my climaxes in stimulating waves. When he was finally freed from my grip, he looked up and saw my saucy grin....

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