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  • charlee smith

Natural Eden

With the twilight shining brightly into the room. He stood close enough for me to absorb the feel of him. He wrapped his arms around and pulled me gently but firmly until our skin was touching. I fell his hand in my hair as he release the clip, his hands move down my cheekbones followed by bold caresses of his tongue, breaching my every defense. The kissing start, I complied without giving it a second thought. He delighted me with anticipation as our bodies fit together just as if we were made for this like partners in a dance. He gave a devilish grin just as he lifted me off my feet to carry me towards the bed. He laid me on the bed, and our eyes met for just a moment but long enough for me to feel safe enough to relinquish control. Then he gets to business, unzipping my jeans and pulling them off, kissing me from my toes on up. Between my thighs, his firm lips knowing exactly what they were about to do. Eager for him to sample my feminine portal, I feel my back arching, knowing where his fingers and tongue will soon reach. My head rocks back against the pillow as he slowly eases my knees apart. Sliding my lacy French cut panties to the side, savoring me, the taste of heat and honey, stroking fingers matching that of his tongue, he slides one in and the first moan escapes my lips.......

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