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Sanctity of the Vagina

Expressing power & commanding men to respect it........

Eating pussy is actually really simple - An act that's meant to deliver intense pleasure that'll make her damn toes curl.

Needless to say, some men still need guidance….

1/4 (25%) of woman actually orgasm during intercourse, so if pleasing her is important knowing how to "Eat It" is probably a necessity

Porn has taught men that spitting on it, fingering her aggressively and trying to beat a world record with your tongue is the way to go - Nah... Not so much!!!

Common Mistakes:

  1. Rushing

  2. Not enjoying what you're doing

  3. Tracing the ABC's with your tongue

  4. Missing the clit

  5. Too Rough ( the rougher you are the body reacts by retreating, makes it harder to cum, now she's gotta relax again and start over)

  6. Too Sensitive

  7. Not using hands

  8. Minutes not Seconds at minimum 20 min

What you should do:

  1. Wash hands/Trim nails (Dirty hands can cause a bacterial infection)

  2. Oral hygiene ( at least rinse)

  3. Get her comfortable

  4. Start slow; kissing, making out, soft touches, work your way down, kiss thighs, vagina, clit

  5. Steady rhythm; up/down. clock/couterclockwise, side to side, pulsating in one spot, wrap mouth around clit suck lightly

Rimming is ok. However returning to vagina after can cause bacteria infection. May want to save for later or use a finger.

Recommend using hands;

  1. touching/teasing

  2. reach up play with nipples

  3. Insert a finger or two - find g-spot (No more then two unless she's into that)

  4. Slide down to play with anus (if she's into that)

Talk to her - Ask her if she likes it, if there’s something you need to do differently, more, less

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