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Secret Inhibitions

After another round of shots, she takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We've been friends for years but I think deep down I'd always had an attraction to her delicate tanned skinned, amazing brown eyes and beautiful smile. I looked over and it's as if she picked up on my salacious thoughts about my friends slender body rubbing against mine. Another gorgeously tanned, slender woman approaches us, boxing me in like a sandwich. Each wrapping their arms around me and each other. To my surprise my friend leans up and starts to kiss me.....

Heart thumping.... It has to be the liquor but I do not resist either of their caresses

The dance floor seduction between the three of us, me being groped & kissed by two gorgeously, sun kissed women. The other girl leans in and says "you guys wanna get outta here".

We all start making our way to the door...... I'm in heaven

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