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Squirting ~ Female Ejaculation

Porn gives the world unrealistic expectations about sex. It shows us that all these things are so "easy"

Squirting can be done but if it's not something one thinks has happened naturally, it can take time, patience and practice. A woman could have done it already and not known, each females level of fluid can be different. Each females ability is different. If it doesn't happen it’s ok.

  1. Is the bed ready? Waterproof sheet or plenty of towels will do.

  2. Set the mood (Candles, music) Relaxation is very important - no stress or distractions

  3. Hydrate

  4. Time (Make sure you have plenty of it, as so you get turned on)

  5. Start with the Clitoris (Clit) - Stimulation helps bring blood flow to the G-Spot area

  6. Find the G-Spot

  7. Lube, lots and lots of lube

  8. Put pressure on the G-Spot (Middle & Ring fingers) ~ extended period of time

Ladies if you're doing this alone.

  • Best position is lying down ( In front of a mirror if need be)

  • Grab a toy

  • Control your pubic muscles (Don't Tighten ~ PUSH!!!) some say almost like you're going to pee

  • Relax - Let it go!!

  • Practice - Practice - Practice!!!!

Guys if you're doing this with a lady friend.

There's no forcing a G-spot orgasm, so don't overdo it

  • Sensual Massage ~ She must completely relax her mind & body

  • Place one finger inside ~ palm facing up ~ feel for spongy spot (size of quarter; 1-2 in inside vagina wall

  • Gentle but firm motion towards you

  • Slowly increase pressure & speed

  • Add another finger (Middle or Ring)

Example: * Best form - "bowling ball grip" *

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