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  • charlee smith

The Regular

As we as we return from our date and the door barely closes, he reaches over and grabs me by the waste from behind. One inhale of his fragrant scent and I want him to take me now. His right hand drops down bunching my skirt up my thighs. I couldn't move if I tried, his fingers had enthralled me with his touch, in all the best ways possible, cataloging every curve and dip.

He spun me around and we tumbled to the couch, his eyes search for mine. I smile and accept the driving force of his kiss, just as he knew I would. We'd done this so many times before, each time seemingly better and better. I climbed on top and lowered myself slowly as he entered between my thighs filling me up. Burying himself deeper and deeper into my sweet heat, these wild and delicious feelings. My slow long ride of delight has me convulsing with my orgasm.....

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