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Unspoken Desires

The Art of Dirty Talk - Imagination can be arousing

Before sex - Say what you want

During sex - Say what you like

* Don't be embarrassed, this is exciting, this is fun, this is fucking HOT!! This is a turn on!! *

I want you to tease me; I want you to taste me; I want to taste me on your lips; Yes like that; OMG! keep doing that; keep going; I love your hands all over my ass; you look so hot right now; I love how you taste/smell; I want you to cum so hard; I want to fuck you; I want you to fuck me; that feels so good; can I sit on your lap baby; do you like that; I'm so wet; It's coming; I'm so close; where do you want to cum; you're so fucking naughty; you're such a bad boy/girl; I want you inside me; feels so good inside me; love feeling you deep inside me; love how my dick feels inside your pussy; I'm dripping wet for you right now; love your cock in my mouth; say my name; you do that so good; I can feel your pussy squeezing my dick; cum fro me; cum all over me; mmmm; good boy/girl; hold me; your cock fits in me so perfect; very talented mouth; talk to me; perfect pussy/cock; you like watching me touch myself; I like watching you touch yourself; you like when I ride you; look at me; love the feel of your cock in my mouth; love sucking your cock; love tasting your pussy; fuck my pussy with your big cock; I'm going to drain every ounce of cum from you; how much do you like fucking me; I'm so hard/wet right now; touch me there; how bad do you wanna fuck me; fuck me harder/slower; you fell amazing; I wanna taste my pussy on your cock; I'm dripping; kiss my nipples; grab my ass; more; right there; wanna feel you against me; wanna feel your lips on my skin; don't stop; love your mouth on me; faster; just like that; fuck me from behind; deeper; undress me; taste me; come here; whisper in my ear; play with my clit/pussy; play with my ass;

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