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  • charlee smith

You know the drill

It's not the first time for either of us......

We're both so nervous, our hearts are racing, shuttering with desire, there's just something about him that tampers with my sanity and something about me that challenges his confidence. Purring beneath his touch, his fingertips must be electric because wherever they touch me, my skin tingles in a frenzy.

As his tongue skims over my skin, my body is in a transitory paralysis. My mind unable to process the pleasure so fast. He leans up and whispers in my ear - "what's coming next....."

Suddenly my body is quivering, I try to pull back, but the long, liquid kiss that rushed through me was so incredible. Both of us move in an intoxicating twirl, never making the same exact moves twice. Swiftly dealing with my clothes, the soft cheeks of my ass fill both hands. He restlessly moved my hips closure, pressing me against his arousal.

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