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Charlee Smith

Elite Courtesan




I am the representation of all of your fantasies about a mature, sexy and exotic ebony goddess and it gives me great pleasure to introduce myself. 


I am Charlee, a spontaneous & sinfully seductive companion and sumptuous travel chaperone. I am the unsurpassable, salacious concubine, the perfect blend of sensual and provocative yet fun and flirty. I possess beauty, sophistication & an insatiable appetite for the finer more delightful things in life. You’ll find me fiercely sexy, practical and brilliantly inviting. Allow your imagination to run wild for a moment and fantasize about one of the most beautiful, erotically passionate woman you will ever meet.


I am for ladies and gentlemen of a prestigious genre; mature, respectable, appreciators of the divine & Lucious pleasures of life, one unlike any others you will find abroad. Bringing the spice…. My mission is to provide you with an unforgettable, steamy experience full or pleasure and excitement. I genuinely enjoy every experience I provide, I personally customize them uniquely to your fantasies, desires and carnal requests. 


Know that a remarkably rare and exhilarating exotic experience energetically awaits you……

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